Ghana's Railway


What is G Rail?

Ghana's Railway

G Rail is Ghana's Railway. The combined passenger and freight service will serve the various mining, mineral deposit, and agricultural regions throughout the country while improving transit and shipping times throughout the country, as well as the entire West African region. The system will cover over 1000km route miles with over 2000km of track.


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What will G Rail do?

G Rail will provide both freight and passenger services between major city centers as well as outlying mines, agricultural, and industrial regions.


Multimodal Infrastructure Construction

Along with building the new railway system, G Rail will allow the improvements of various infrastructures in Ghana. Goods will be efficiently and seamlessly moved from sea port to inland ports for distribution as well as from inland Ghana to the sea port for export.

Road Constuction

Railroad Construction

G Rail will be built from the ground up to provide Ghana with a solid and reliable rail network. The G Rail rail network will consist of standard gauge double track mainlines using 136 lb rail.

Railway Worker

Ghana will work again!

G Rail will allow Ghana's economy to grow and prosper. Thousands of jobs will be created quickly at the start of construction, and for many years to come.

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G Rail Projects

Ghana's Railway Network

Eastern Line

Accra to Kumasi

The Eastern Line from Accra to Kumasi will be approximately 300km of double track standard gauge mainline with both freight and passenger service.

Western Line

Takoradi to Kumasi

The Wester Line will be approximatly 339km of double track standard gage track with both friegth and passenger service. There will also be a branch line from Dunkwa to Awaso.

Boankra Inland Port

Intermodal Inland Port

The dry port Boankra will help to facilitate import and export services, particularly in northern Ghana and neighboring land locked countries. The railway will move goods more efficiently then traditional over the road methods.

G Rail Ghana's Railway Network


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